Business opportunities in Agri and Allied sector

Food and agri-business in India have been among the best performing sectors with respect to value creation and returns generated. The government has implemented several policies to boost business. The impact is visible in the significant improvement in India’s ranking on “Ease of Doing Business”. Many initiatives specific to food and agri-business are being implemented across the continuum from mega food park schemes to R&D and skill development. Sharing some business opportunities in this sector

  • Natural resources can be commercialised and this can include major forest produces and minor forest produces.
  • Agriculture produces like paddy, wheat, oilseeds, sugarcane, cotton, pulses etc offers huge opportunity in primary and secondary processing, storage, transportation, etc.
  • There is need for  Inputs like certified seeds, fertilizer & pesticides.There is also scope of providing  irrigation facilities and agricultural implements.
  • Consultancy and services like soil and water testing, agronomy & hydrology   can be looked as business opportunity
  • Agro-waste is another area to look at opportunities. Processing and converting Agro waste such as paddy husk, straw, wheat straw, sugarcane, bagasse, cotton stalk, groundnut husk into commercial and industrial products
  • In the Marine or Aqua space, products such as salt, gypsum, marine chemicals, seaweeds, fish and marine animals offer vast industrial opportunities.
  • Livestocks includes Livestocks  poultry, cow, buffalo,  goat, sheep etc. There is business opportunity in setting up Poultry Farms, Dairy Farms, raising other animals, slaughter house, animal feeds etc.

The agriculture industry has always been a pillar of economic growth for societies worldwide. In recent years, the sector has seen a surge in innovation and the emergence of new business opportunities. From urban farming to agri-tech solutions, modern entrepreneurs have a wide array of options to tap into this thriving industry

Sharing some business ideas which have seen phenomenal growth in the last few years

  • Organic farming
  • Landscaping agency
  • Warehosing business
  • Vertical farming business
  • Agri farm business and production
  • Bee Keeping and Honey production
  • Livestock Rearing
  • Manure Business
  • Mushroom production and marketing
  • Medicinal Herbs Products
  • Seed Production and Marketing
  • Agro- Blogging
  • Fodder Business and Tree farm business
  • Grocery e-shopping business
  • Hydroponic farming
  • Turf grass business
  • Agri -Tourism
  • Mulching Business
  • Veterinary clinic business
  • Aquaponic business
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Agriculture Consulting Business
  • Plant Nursery
  • Online livestock market

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