Entrepreneurship has no age

It is often perceived that entrepreneurship is for the young crowd. However, age shouldn’t be a determining factor that stops one from pursuing their dreams.

While it is always good to start early,it is also seen that founders above 40 years are increasing in large numbers and are also succeeding.

–Startbucks was founded by Gordon Bawker when he was over 50

-Vera Vang ,editor of Vogue decided to be a famous fashion designer at the age of 40

Success cannot be determined by age. It has been observed that older entrepreneurs are more adept at building resilient businesses, which is specially crucial during times of modest economic growth. With experience and age, another advantage is that ,it is easier to acquire the right skills ,contacts and industry specific knowledge which can be applied to a new business.

There are so many things that can be learned from work and life experience that can and should be applied to entrepreneurship when one starts up late. However, to start a business after a certain age is that, as a seasoned professional, one has often tasted failure too. Each failure teaches the importance of being prepared and the need for contingency plan.

It is truly never too late to start-up as long as one is committed ,works hard and never gives up. Age is just a number and should be considered as a strength and not hindrance.

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