Business Delegations

One of the major initiative taken up for entrepreneurs of North Eastern Region has been organising Business Delegations on behalf of the Institute. The delegations endeavoured to provide entrepreneurs from this region  a common platform for exposure to relevant countries for technology transfer,market tie-ups and explore business opportunities.The first delegation was to four South East Asian countries-Thailand,Malaysia,Singapore and Indonesia.Tie-ups with various business associations of these countries helped understanding the scope and prospects of business.

The second Business Delegation was to China and Hongkong where besides normal business tie-ups and meetings the participants also got exposed to industrial infrastructures created by the Government

The third Business Delegation was to Isreal and Egypt .Considering the opportunities in these two countries,this business delegation comprised of entrepreneurs from four sectors-Tea. Tourism, Handloom and  Agriculture.

The Indian Embassy in all the countries facilitated meetings and many of these meetings helped in understanding eco-system of the SME sector and opportunities of collaboration.The entrepreneurs particularly from the tea and tourism sector had very fruitful business outcomes. Similary the entrepreneurs in the handicraft and handloom sector learnt out the quality of finish and scope of value addition.Technology was one area where all entrepreneurs understood the need for appropriate technology and scope of adaption .

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