A training programme on Design Thinking for Youths/Entrepreneurs/ Aspiring Entrepreneurs

 In collaboration with German Design Thinking Impact Team organised a programme “Impact Week” at IIE Guwahati in December, 2018. The programme was organised by a group of professionals from across the globe. The Impact Week provided a platform for entrepreneurship talents, ideas, expertise and business models. The aim of the programme was to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in developing and emerging economies as a foundation for sustainable growth.

The Impact Week was held in two segments:

  • A TOT session for 3 days under German International Senior Coach that created Junior Design Thinking Coaches. The Junior Coaches learnt about design thinking and coaching through methods developed by large companies such as SAP. ToT participants were academicians, professionals, established entrepreneurs, training professionals etc.
  • Impact Week – the training for students: The selected coaches further got an opportunity to be involved as trainers for the youth entrepreneurship camp for 4 days involving near about 100 youths. The youths were trained by a group of professionals comprising of 10 senior coaches of international and national level and 24 junior coaches . The target was young entrepreneurs, final year students, recently passed out students with entrepreneurial bent of mind.

It was a great learning opportunity that promoted innovation and helps to ideate and develop sustainable business models encompassing various sectors like healthcare; education; tourism; rural economy; supply chain and warehousing; and environment.

This was the first of its kind initiative in the North Eastern Region of India.

Highlights ;

  • Professional Senior Coaches from international and national level trained on Design Thinking
  • Youths/students from Assam got a chance to train under qualified professionals
  • Business Model concepts were evaluated and presented
  • Guidance was provided to ideate and develop sustainable business models encompassing various sectors

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