Entrepreneur characteristics that can kill a startup

Starting a business is tough work.There are countless obstacles that stand in the way of enabling aspiring entrepreneurs to fulfil his/her entrepreneurial dream .Some deadly characteristics that one needs to avoid

1)Laziness: There is absolutely no room for laziness in entrepreneurship. There is no one else who will pick up the slack. Ofcourse, when one hires employees,  responsibilities can be delegated. but till such time, the responsibility falls on the entrepreneurs shoulder.

The following tips can help to combat laziness

  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Be willing to tackle one thing at a time
  • Get good sleep and eat well
  • Find a way to motivate yourself
  • Talk with small business mentors

To many people, overcoming laziness needs  practice. However, when one finds something they are passionate about (like running a business) there will be no time for laziness

2)Disorganized : Business needs structure and entrepreneurs need to organise not only files records and books, but also need to pay attention to metrics, solidify an appropriate tax structure and track customer payments. Disorganised entrepreneurs might miss deadlines and fail to keep up with projects.

3)Bossy : As a boss, it is important to lead the employees and also give them freedom to make decisions and not to dictate what they need to do. Bossy entrepreneurs may notice a dip in employee morale. Employees don’t want to work for someone who doesn’t trust them to make a decision.

4)Dishonest : Dishonesty is a major faux pas in entrepreneurship. No one wants to buy from,work for ,lend to, or invest in  an untrustworthy business.To avoid coming across as dishonest, one should share information with employees, be upfront with customers and strive to be honest with every connection one makes.

5)Inflexible : Inflexible entrepreneurs are those who are unwilling to change. Business is always changing and if one does not keep up with the change, it will lead to a disaster.One should pay attention to market shifts and not be afraid of taking action.

6)Passion ; Entrepreneurs need passion.They need to be passionate about something ,whether its their industry or even just the idea of owning a business. Drive and passion is needed to prevent laziness and inspire creativity.

7)Fear of failure : One will inevitably face small failures and setbacks throughout the entrepreneurial journey. An entrepreneur should not be afraid of failure. Entrepreneurs who are afraid of failures will not take risks.If one is not willing to take risk,he/she will have trouble growing the business.Always playing safe will put the business in an unsafe position.

8)Arrogant : While confidence is very important trait of an entrepreneur, arrogance has no place in small business ownership. Arrogance is likely to turn away a lot of people ,customers and employees .What is needed is a mix of confidence and humility. One should not be afraid of admitting that he or she is wrong and should always take others feedback seriously.

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