Importance of strategies – Why we need to master the art of strategizing

We are all aware that the right strategy ensures a successful outcome and that a wrong or outdated strategy wastes valuable resources and needlessly delays results. The trick is to develop a perfect strategy .It is the right strategy that makes a person or company a success or a failure today.

Earlier the mantra for success was hardwork, commitment, effort, dedication and the focus was on following the rules. Often, such an approach was very taxing physically and emotionally. In the new millennium, the concept of ‘smart work’ is getting popular and the answer for smart work is strategies—creative strategy, customised strategy, clever strategies.

Strategies are the key to success, no matter what the goal is . A ‘strategy’ is how to get something accomplished. People sometimes get strategies, plans, goals, outcomes ,purpose ,vision and action steps confused. Strategy is a smart way of reaching a goal with a least amount of wasted effort or cost. When a right strategy is devised, plan comes out naturally.

Every goal needs a strategy .Every situation can have a viable strategy Even for personal development,there can be different types of strategy

  • Integrity strategy
  • Personal Evolution strategy
  • Healing strategy
  • Extreme self-care strategy
  • The body work strategy
  • The acceptance/detachment strategy
  • Self Esteem strategy etc

Each of these strategies helps a person to develop himself/herself. Strategies are the key to business success as well .For improving business performance there could be the following strategies—

  • Vision strategy
  • Competition strategy
  • Team strategy
  • The internet marketing strategy
  • Creativity-skills strategy
  • Eliminate delay strategy etc

Creativity is essential for strategizing and it is important to craft and customize strategies. With the development of internet,the concept of change is changing. In fact,the rate of time is also changing.An internet year is about 3 months,not twelve months.We are moving from a rational world (predictable,logical) to an irrational world (unpredictable,illogical) .How we as human beings react to chaos is important .For that, what is needed is an expert on strategies. Learning how to strategize is the ultimate empowerment. Strategy is actually a life skill.

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